Friday, July 30, 2010

CIJ Journaling Days 28, 29, 30!

28. When does it really start feeling like Christmas to you each year? Is it the day after Thanksgiving? when your tree is up? When the presents are all wrapped? When the family is all gathered together? Once the outside prep is done, I move indoors and that is when it feels like Christmas. That's usually the first week of December. The last two years I've been lucky enough to take off a few days and get all my decorations done at once. With my business being dictated by snow, it's not always that easy! So on those good years, I get a little excited. On the bad years, I just go with the flow and learn to "let go". A couple years ago, we had blizzard, after blizzard in December and to boot, I think it was a short month between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Needless to say, things DID not get done as scheduled.

29. Do you have a ritual for taking the Christmas tree down each year? I usually take the family tree down right after New Years, because that's upstairs for "public" viewing. However, my Disney tree downstairs is so big, I've been know to leave it up through January, while I pack it up, piece by piece. It's such a huge job, I don't stress over it anymore and if someone comes over and my trees still up, so be it!

30. Do you think Santa is sexy? I feel WRONG answering this question!

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