Saturday, July 17, 2010

CIJ Day 17: A Christmas Modge Podge!

Because I've not been able to get online the last few days, I have a head full of ideas for blog entries. That means toady is going to be full of various Christmas ideas, pictures and thoughts. Fun Stuff! 

First off, when I was looking for Christmas store links I ran across this Bed and Breakfast. I seen it personally for the first time last year, while on vacation, and thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I made my husband promise, that some day he will take me to this wonderful little getaway. The thought of hanging out in such a beautiful place in the winter (or summer) just makes me smile! 

Day 17 Journal Entry:  If you have a pet do you include them in your Christmas? Do they have a stocking and get gifts like all your other family members? My pets do get stockings and usually Santa brings them a special treat for their stockings. Byron and I will also exchange kitty to kitty gifts on occasion, if we find something fun or really yummy! I also have an ornament to represent each of my pets on my family tree. This year, I'm on the search for a new dogie ornament to represent  Hoover on the tree. I even dress them up on occasion. Kirby's had a festive jingly collar and faith wore a pretty T-shirt last year. When we first adopted Kirby, we joined an online Basset group and did a Basset Christmas card exchange. Getting over 100 cards with different bassets on the front, was one of the funnest things we done. Those cards, made my dad so happy that Christmas and it's a great memory. People would come over and say, what is this all about??? 

Kirby-Now at the Rainbow Bridge  

Hoover-The newest addition to our family and next ornament recipient. 

CIJ Dinner Menu: I invited my friend Tammy over for dinner next Sunday on the 25th. I'm going to keep the menu simple and small, but want to try out a few new recipes. Because of the heat, I'm going to try cooking a ham in the crock-pot. Several of my online friends have posted a recipe they've had lots of success with, so I'm going to give it a shot and hope it may be something I'm able to use in the future. I think Mac and Cheese are a must, as well as ambrosia salad. I only usually make ambrosia during Christmas, but some cold fruit salad sounds super good right now with the heat. I'll add some sort of vege, dinner rolls and a dessert. Hmmm?? What kind of dessert should I make?  Maybe the coconut, pecan pie I've been wanting to try. That sounds super yummy! We've tried caramel and chocolate pecan pie recently, so why not try the coconut recipe I've been wanting to try for a couple years. Serve it with some vanilla ice cream and I'm sure it will hit the spot! 

CIJ Gift Exchange:  My exchange package arrived from England this week. I was surprised at how fast it got here. To avoid the temptation to open it, I stuck in the back corner of my closet. So is it Rudy Day yet? (aka: the 25th for those online Christmas newbies)  My partner said she was actually going to give it to a family member to keep. I thought that was super funny! 

Last, but not least I'm going to finish this with another Christmas song.  This time, it's one of my fun, favorites by Harry Connick Jr. 


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