Sunday, July 25, 2010

CIJ Day 25: You know what that means...HAPPY RUDY DAY!

Normally I would blog for the 24th, but since I'm not feeling the best and doubt I'll blog tonight, I think I'll just jump ahead and blog for the 25th. We, in the online Christmas world, call this Rudy Day.  Some use the 25th of each month to accomplish a small task to help prepare them for the Christmas to come. It might be writing a gift list, completing a crafted gift, buying a gift, trying out a new cookie recipe...and the list goes on. For others, it's just a quick reflection, some Christmas music or a cup of hot chocolate. For me, Rudy Day always seems to be proceeded by something else on my schedule. Rarely, is my calendar open on that day. 

For Christmas in July, the 25th is celebrated in all sorts of ways. This year I'm not able to have a dinner on the 25th, but I have scheduled it for the 27th. We'll be having a slimmed down "Christmas" dinner. Ham, mac and cheese, rolls, a vege and a coconut pecan pie. On Tuesday, I promise to post these recipes as well. Trust me, the Mac and Cheese recipe is a keeper. It's my most requested dish now and a necessity at most family dinners.

Another fun thing I like to participate in, is a CIJ swap. This year my swap partner was from England. My box arrived a few weeks ago and I stashed it in the back of my closet, so I wouldn't be tempted to open it early. When your the "mom" or "wife" of the family, it's often hard to be surprised. Doing these larger swaps on occasion, gives me the excitement of being a kid again and wondering "what's in side that package!" So without further ado, here are the contents from this years CIJ gift.

1st let me tell you, these little "counters" chocolates are yummy! Very, very rich! As you can see, I immediately opened the corner of the package to sample some and then realized I had to put them back for a pic...oops! The little guy on the right is a red and white Christmas cow. It's pretty dang cute for a cow! LOL I think I'm going to add him to our little collection of Christmas buddies here in the office.

The next item I opened was a package of mini crackers. I'm excited, because normally I pick some crackers up on clearance for the following year and did not last year. So it's the perfect gift! I was actually going to try and make my own this year, but now...I'm good! Having Christmas Crackers on our table, was a tradition started by my stepmother when I was in my teens. One of my favorite photos, is of my Grandpa with his paper hat on from his cracker. It's really not a tradition many follow anymore and I really don't know where it originated from, but at our table it's just a little something to add a "POP" and laugh to our dinner. The gifts and jokes are beyond silly and sometimes..not even funny..and yet, that's what makes it so fun! It's just plain CORNY!

History of the Christmas Cracker

Online Store for Christmas Crackers

Then I received some Cadbury Hot Chocolate. In America, Cadbury is recognized because of the Cadbury eggs, but not everyone knows that the Cadbury company orginates in Brittain and is a huge supplier of chocolate products outside of the US. Just this year, it was purchased by Kraft. Let's hope it continues it's history of quality with this merger.   The Cadbury Company Website

Last, but not least are my scrapbooking supplies. It's always a given in my swap packages, since I list it as one of my hobbies. I'm always surprised at what people find and especially enjoy the different Christmas products. The 4 piece Hampstead set I got today was my favorite. I love the colors!

Let me end, by thanking my partner Sue. Thanks for the note and the great gifts! I can't wait to hear all about your package as well.

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