Friday, July 23, 2010

CIJ Day 22 : Journal Entry

22. Tell about your feelings about Christmas Cards--- are they a joy to write or a burden? Do you have a ritual for writing them out? Do you look for a certain kind of card each year, is it a search for the perfect card? Do you write out a letter to everyone or a hand note in each? Does your Christmas card list change each year? Has you Christmas card sending changed thru the years? Considering I do Christmas swaps, I would say I LOVE cards. I have no ritual, but I do cheat and get my swap cards done early in the year, so when the address are sent out I just have to address them to get them out. I'm kind of picky when it comes to my cards. I like cards that are bold, retro looking and colorful. I'm not much into the "traditional" looking card. I always get something that I know others will take a second look at and say...hmmm..that's pretty cool. Last year was the first time I've done photo cards. We took a cute family photo with all our different Santa hats on. My list is pretty much the same every year and of course the girls at work are always included. My friend Lil is always the first one to send me a card. She's a card fanatic, so she's always promt and has perfect timing. Because my family is so small, I don't include a family letter.



  1. What great cards - love how you displayed them!

  2. House Elf, they aren't my cards, I borrowed the picture to show off my color preferences. I love the pinks, greens and reds. Those are also the color theme of my CIJ party.