Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CIJ Journal Entry for Day 26 and day 27:

26. DO you decorate things other than your home for the holidays? Like-- your office, your car, your aquarium? I do decorate my office, especially since i'm there so much. I have a tree at my office decorated in Red, White and Green. Many of the ornamenets were made by me as a teen or my mom before she passed away. It's rather sentimental to me and I do get a bit emotional when it's time to decorate. My mom was how our whole business started, so her picture ornament goes front and center. I don't decorate my car, but I'm thinking I might put some sort of sign on it this year with vinyl cut from my cricut. Haven't decided yet for sure though.

27. Do you decorate outside in your yard and your home? Tell about the decorations in your yard and outside? Do you add or change to it year after year? DO you do the outside stuff or does your significant other take are of that? I do decorate my house and yard. It use to only be disney blow ups, along with some other decorative accents, but they've all gotten old and retired last year. So this year, I need to start over and decide what I'm going to do. I've put some extra money aside to buy some new decorations, but will need to decide if I'm still going to do Disney or something else.  My husband does the house lights, which are pretty limited, but I set up the rest. The ladder is NOT my friend!

Ms. Michelle is pretty much out of commission for the rest of the day, so this is it for the blog today. I'm not feeling good at all and my dinner is tonight. So after we enjoy dinner, I'm off to bed early!! I'll be excited to show and tell you all about it tomorrow!

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  1. I decorate every room in the house. Nothing is left untouched!