Sunday, July 25, 2010

CIJ Day 24 Journal Entry: Christmas Letters..Yes or No?

24.  How do you feel about Christmas newsletters sent by people? DO you love hearing their news? DO you think they are just "brag letters"? Do you write one yourself?  I enjoy receiving Christmas newsletters,  especially from family and friends that I'm not always in contact with. I don't see them as brag letters at all. Because my family is so small, I do NOT write a family newsletter. No need to be honest!

Last year, one of my friends from church posted her Christmas letter on facebook for her friends and family to read. It was the most amazing and creative Christmas letter I've ever seen. Read below, it's well worth it. 

To our dear friends and family,
Once upon a time in a kingdom not too far away, there lived the xxxxx Family. When the weather got colder and the Christmas lights began to twinkle, the xxxxx Family decided to send a message to all of their wonderful friends and family to share some fun and wish them all a Merry Christmas!

During this particular year the kingdom fell upon difficult economic times, which became known throughout the land as the Gray Times because everyone agreed that while things could have been a lot better, they also could have been a lot worse.

The patriarch of the xxxxx family was none other than Sir Charlie xxxxx, the famous court jester who made it his life’s ambition to make others laugh wherever he ventured. However, due to the Gray Times, court jesters all over town began getting laid off. Luckily for the xxxxx family, Sir Charlie’s hard work, ingenuity, and positive attitude gave him a leg up at his company, which allowed him to avoid losing his job like so many other poor souls. It was hard for the xxxxx Family and Sir Charlie in particular, to see close friends and relatives losing their jobs, but they were truly grateful for the blessing of work in the economically challenged land. In his spare time Sir Charlie loved to learn martial arts, and during this particular year, he stopped practicing kung fu and decided to study Kenpo. It proved helpful since a band of ninjas had recently entered the land. Nevertheless, he was a natural at Kenpo, so he quickly received his white belt and chased the band of ninjas to a land far far away. When he wasn’t fighting ninjas, Sir Charlie also enjoyed volunteering at his local church as the executive secretary to the Bishop, and his willingness to serve greatly blessed the entire family.

The Lady of the xxxx Family was Lady Alicia, the fairest maiden in all the land (at least according to Sir Charlie). Lady Alicia was quite busy attending to her studies and managing the xxxxx House during the Gray Times. While she often felt overwhelmed with the tasks she had to complete, the loving support of all her friends and family enabled her to accomplish many goals. Indeed, at the end of the Gray Times, Lady Alicia procured a field placement position working at the Arapahoe House, which assists the local drunkards. Lady Alicia was especially grateful to Sir Charlie for giving her the wings to fly, and she hopes that in one more year she can be finished with her undergraduate degree completely! Lady Alicia also enjoyed volunteering at the local church teaching the young Ladies of the land, and her life was greatly enriched for it.

The most fearsome member of the xxxx family was Sir Justin, the first-born son. Having completed his training in kung fu, he went throughout the land defending the villagers against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Sir Justin’s greatest ambition was to join the Dragon Riders (something akin to the Air Force) when he was of the proper age. As such, Justin learned all that would be required of him to attend the Dragon Rider Academy someday, and he began to train in earnest. Sir Justin was always on the look-out for those in need of assistance, and he would bravely stand up for anyone who was being wronged. His sense of compassion, good conscience, and outgoing personality drew others to him in droves. He became known throughout the land as Sir Justin, the Brave and the Tender-hearted.

Sir Zachary, the second born son of the xxxx Family, was quite a bit smaller in stature than Sir Justin; nonetheless he was a formidable enemy to meet. In his quest to ‘make-up’ for the slighter stature, Sir Zachary developed a scrappy fighting style, advanced weaponry, and a quick wit. As such, villains as terrifying as ghost pirates and mud monsters tried to avoid the inevitable beating Sir Zachary could deliver. One day, during the Gray Times, Sir Zachary announced to his family that his greatest ambition in life was to become a fry cook, like Spongebob from the land of Bikini Bottom. In order to prepare for his life’s ambition, he began taking swimming lessons from the local Mermaid’s Guild. Sir Zachary began his lessons swimming with the Starfish, but quickly advanced to the same level as the Angel fish. It is his hope that eventually he can tame the sea enough to join Sponge Bob at the Crusty Crab. Alas, Sir Charlie and Lady Alicia do not give up hope that he will one day set his ambitions higher, but in the meantime, they wait with amused awe to see what Sir Zachary will come up with next.

The youngest son of the xxxx Family, Sir Caleb, grew tremendously during the Gray Times. Sadly, due to his young age, of only sixteen months, Sir Charlie and Lady Alicia would not allow him to go to battle with his older brothers. But this did not stop Sir Caleb from participating in the training activities that frequently went on inside the xxxxx House. Indeed, Sir Caleb became rather skilled in the art of wrestling, and he greatly enjoyed the time he spent sparring with his brothers. While Sir Caleb conquered many milestones throughout the Gray Times, from crawling to running, his language skills remained comparable to those of a caveman. Sir Charlie and Lady Alicia suspected this verity existed because Sir Caleb’s older kin so greatly enjoyed catering to his every whim and desire. Nevertheless, he did learn how to mimic many sounds, including an evil laugh and animal noises. In truth, Sir Caleb loved animals of all kinds, and sought them out wherever he went. The xxxxx Family thoroughly enjoyed watching Sir Caleb’s personality and spirit develop as he grew.

Princess Shannan, the eldest child and only princess in a house full of fearsome warriors, often dreamed that one day she could have a sister who would participate in more civilized activities with her. Alas, the fear that she would end up with yet another silly brother, kept her from vocalizing this dream to her parents. So instead she put her full energy into finding ways to covertly sabotage her brothers’ training activities. Insomuch as she loved to torment her brothers, she also enjoyed spending her time reading, and attending to her studies. Princess Shannan’s greatest ambition in life was to be a pre-school instructor, so that one day she could share her love of learning with little children, just as her pre-school instructors had done for her. Princess Shannan reached an important milestone in her life during the Gray Times; she became of age to be baptized. Sir Charlie had the privilege of baptizing Princess Shannan shortly after her 8th birthday, and oh what a celebration it was. Friends and family came from all over the kingdom to see her take the plunge, and Princess Shannan and her parents were greatly touched by all the support. Princess Shannan’s shining example and sweet spirit touched and enriched the lives of all who knew her.

As the Gray Times came to a close, the xxxxx Family looked back at the many challenges presented by this difficult time in history. They were truly grateful that, despite the prevailing Grayness in the land, they somehow managed to remember what really matters, and they lived happily ever after in the land that’s not too far away…

In these difficult times, we just want you all to know how much we love, think, and pray about you. Regardless of all the turmoil in the world, we look forward to another year with great optimism and excitement. We would also like to thank you all for your love and support this year. We wish you a wonderful Christmas Season and a Happy New Year full of all the things that matter most.

With Love,
The xxxxx Family
(Sir Charlie, Lady Alicia, Princess Shannan, Sir Justin, Sir Zachary, and Sir Caleb)


  1. Cute letter!

    I do one, but not nearly as creative!

    Come on over to my Christmas blog. I have a giveaway that is good for today only!

  2. Wow, what a creative letter! I have enjoyed reading your Christmas postings daily!