Monday, July 19, 2010

CIJ Journal Entry Day 18 and Day 19:

18. Are homemade gifts a part of your holidays? Do you enjoy receiving homemade gifts in a different way than a store bought gift? Are you know for giving a certain kind of homemade gift - like fudge?  I do give homemade gifts. Foods, scrapbooks and sometimes crafts. It varies every year, but I do at least make pumpkin bread to give out. I've made various cookies in the past, but I've decided I'm going to focus on breads more. I think so many people get cookies, it can be overwhelming, so I'm going to use some really, tried and true bread recipes this year that others can enjoy at any time of the day or even freeze for later. Someone in church shared a great recipe for lemon poppy seed some time ago and I'm super excited to give that out. I do enjoy receiving homemade gifts as well. I only have 1 friend who gives me homemade gifts, because most of my other friends call themselves "craft challenged" or have no interest at all. 

19. Do you have holiday dinnerware? If so, tell how you choose it, the pattern and why you love it!
I don't have "holiday" dinnerware with Christmas prints or designs, but I do have nice dishes I usually only use for holidays. That includes fine silver that's been passed down. I usually go with simple white and use table accents to make it special for the holidays. I have serving pieces that have been given to me by multiple people and each has a special memory or adds a special touch to my table. My grandmother did and my stepmom does, have a Lenox Christmas ware china set. Maybe someday I'll have the pleasure of inheriting some of those pieces. 


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