Thursday, July 29, 2010

CIJ Day 29: White Christmas vs Holiday Inn

I finally got to watch Holiday Inn. I'm embarrassed to say, that until a year or so ago, I didn't know that they had put White Christmas with Bing in two separate movies. Of course, they've talked about it on the boards, but my "scroogy" book mentioned earlier talked about the reason in depth.

I enjoyed Holiday Inn, but found it a "Holiday" movie and not a "Christmas" movie really. There's nothing like the White Christmas scene with everyone dressed up in red and white, coming in on a horse drawn sleigh and singing around the Christmas tree. But I found it went a little faster then White Christmas. Of course, Fred Astaire's dancing is amazing to watch by itself.

After reading it was recently remastered in color, I think I'm going to buy that version and watch it again in color.

As usual, I found that IMDB had a lot of information and some comments that educated me even more on the movie. It's really a great source, so if your not familiar with it, check it out. I'm on this site ALL the time now.

Holiday Inn IMDB Info

White Christmas IMDB Info

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